ROI Certification Bucharest

BUCHAREST, 30 Oct – 3 Nov, 2023


Become an Expert in Measuring and Maximizing Business Investment Impact

This is a unique opportunity to enhance your skills and expertise in measuring and maximizing the impact of investments in your business. ROI Certification program is the most comprehensive way to gain the skills, resources, and knowledge to measure the value of projects and programs of all types–down to the financial return on investment (ROI).

Now available in Romania through RoMarketing, the official Partner of ROI Institute.

For everyone who cares about your work and about contributing to the success of the whole, the ROI Methodology is the most authentic proof of your impact.

More than ever in current days is important for any company to know how to design development programs, in which projects to invest and how to improve them. When we talk about the return on investment of, for example, a new machine, a new business line, a new L&D program, it is important to set objectives that can be measured very easily.

ROI Methodology allows you to measure everything in your business, from the financial impact of employee engagement, motivation, coaching, management, employee development, project management to any aspect of your business.

In today’s organizations, payers, funders, and everyone responsible for the success of programs and projects are more than ever responsible for the financial impact and return on investment in their programs and projects. These may include improvements in many areas: Technology, Innovations, Quality, Employees, Customer satisfaction, Compliance with regulations process, Leadership.

Why measure return on investment (ROI)?

We are all seeing more and more requests to prove the financial impact of spending on initiatives and improvements in organizations. Interest in the value of programs and projects has always existed. However, today it increasingly includes finance as well. If expenses were once defined only as “business costs”, today they are increasingly defined as investment and require an answer to the question of profitability.

To cope with this challenge, organizations will have to increasingly care about efficiency (costs), performance (outcomes) and customer and employee satisfaction. 

This requires investment in improvement initiatives, and Phillips’ ROI TM Methodology contributes globally to the best process for those investments to add value and to demonstrate that value to all stakeholders.

The 12 steps process model

What is ROI Certification?

ROI Certification® is the most comprehensive way to gain the skills, resources, and knowledge to measure the value of projects and programs of all types–down to the financial return on investment (ROI). The program includes a comprehensive learning program surrounding the ROI Methodology®, a systematic approach to program evaluation that is proven to deliver accurate and credible results. After the course, you will receive virtual support as you conduct an evaluation study in your own organization. Upon demonstrating competency in applying the ROI Methodology, you will join an elite group of professionals with the designation of Certified ROI Professional® (CRP)

Want to learn more about the ROI Certification process?
The certification proves acquiring of the ROI Methodology® as you will learn to apply the ROI Process Model — a results-based method for developing application impact objectives, developing data collection plans, collecting various types of hard and soft data, isolating the effects of the program, converting data to monetary values, tabulating appropriate program costs, calculating return-on-investment, and identifying intangible benefits.
ROI Methodology®

It provides a balanced set of credible, realistic and accurate data for all key stakeholders. It addresses the issue of data credibility indirectly, by necessarily using:

• balanced data set
• logical and systematic process
• clear principles of good practice
• methods for isolating program effects
• methodologies tested on thousands of practical cases
• orientation towards ensuring sustainability and sustainability of the process
• process accepted by financiers, managers and other payers of projects

Measure the return of investment in:
• learning, development, education, training
• project management
• public sector / non-profit organizations
• developing a successful consulting practice
• leadership development
• soft skills development
• motivation of employees
• the field of safety and health at work
• new technology, innovation
• marketing 

ROI Certification

• At the certification training, you will fully acquire the in-depth knowledge and skills you need to demonstrate the value, impact and profitability of project investments in your organization.

• You will also learn how to establish a sustainable and sustainable process of monitoring and evaluating the effect according to the TM ROI Methodology .

• After completing the initial training, you will receive ongoing coaching support from the ROI Institute from the USA and Slovenia when conducting your own case study for a selected program from your organization.

• With a successfully completed and presented study, you will prove your competence in using the ROI TM Methodology and obtain the prestigious title of “Certified ROI Professional” or CRP. No related training in our country or in the world provides access to the same level of professional competence and useful resources as is the case for ROI Certification. Trainings are open to tender (public), but if there is a large number of interested parties, they can also be tailored for your organization (internal).

Who will you learn from?

Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D ​
Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D

Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D., chairman of ROI Institute, is a world-renowned expert on accountability, measurement, and evaluation. Jack provides consulting services for Fortune 500 companies and major global organizations, and regularly consults with clients in manufacturing, service, and government organizations in 70 countries. The author or editor of more than 100 books, he conducts workshops and presents at conferences throughout the world and has received several awards and honors for his work. 

Jack has enjoyed almost 30 years of corporate experience in the aerospace, textile, metals, construction materials, and banking industries. He has served as training and development manager at two Fortune 500 firms, as senior human resource officer at two firms, and as president of a regional bank. Also, he served as management professor at a major state university. 

Jack has undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering, physics, and mathematics; a master’s degree in Decision Sciences from Georgia State University; and a Ph.D. in Human Resource Management from the University of Alabama. He has served on the boards of several private businesses, nonprofits, and associations, including the American Society for Training and Development, the National Management Association, and the International Society for Performance Improvement, where he served as president (2012-2013). 

Jack can be reached at 

What to expect

Prior to the Program

Upon registration, you will: 

During the Program

During the program, you will: 

After the Program

Upon completion of the program, you will:

This program is for anyone who needs the skills to measure the business impact and ROI of any program or project. ROI Institute’s Live Virtual ROI Certification is ideal for professionals who benefit most out of group interactions and focused learning. 

Participants will develop the capability to demonstrate and enhance the value of their programs. You will also become a member of a global network of professionals who have mastered the ROI Methodology. 

Upon completion and acceptance of your ROI study, you will be awarded the Certified ROI Professional designation. 

BENEFITS of participation:

During the workshop, you will: 

BENEFITS of ROI Certification
What you’ll learn

The ROI Methodology® is a balanced approach to measurement that generates six types of data: 

You are in good company!

More than 6,000 organizations have chosen ROI Institute to help them build their internal measurement and evaluation system.
Certification Presentation

After completing the 5 day in person ROI certification, in Bucharest, you will receive ongoing support with coaching from the ROI Institute (USA) and Romarketing (RO) when conducting your own case study for a selected program from your organization. After presenting your project results, obtain the international title: “Certified ROI Professional (CRP)” . No related training in our country or in the world provides access to a comparable level of professional competence, support, and useful resources.  

The regular international price for the ROI Certification is $3,995 , join us now for these special discounted prices, in Bucharest!

Invite your team to the ROI Masterclass – Certification Day 1.
Or join the full accreditation together with a colleague.

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