Show the Value of What You Do:

How ROI Certification Supports Organizational Success

Online Webinar, 25 September, 4 PM CEET

Globally, more than 9,000 organizations have implemented the ROI Methodology® to show the value of all types of projects and programs

This methodology, learned through ROI Certification®, is now the most used evaluation system in the world, as it brings credible, conservative, and convincing data about the success of projects and programs.

Supports Organizational Success

ROI Certification is significant because it helps individuals and organizations see the value of their programs in terms that executives appreciate. As with completing any comprehensive learning program, you may have questions.

In today’s competitive environment, showing real impact is essential. This is where the ROI Methodology® steps in – a proven approach that’s widely acknowledged for evaluating investments in various fields.

For answers to these questions, attend this informational webinar about ROI Certification. ROI is a great skill set to have in competitive times and having CRPs on the team is an essential asset to any organization. Learn how you can add value to your team. This session will describe how the ROI Certification process works, why it is needed, what benefits it will provide you, and how all types of organizations have made a difference using this methodology.


After attending this session, individuals will be able to:


Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D., Chairman, ROI Institute, is a world-renowned expert on accountability, measurement, and evaluation. He provides consulting services for Fortune 500 companies and major global organizations, and regularly consults with clients in manufacturing, service, and government organizations in 70 countries. The author or editor of more than 100 books, he conducts workshops and presents at conferences throughout the world and has received several awards and honors for his work.

Matic Kadliček, Organizational Psychologist & CEO at Video Center (SLO), is a sought-after trainer and coach, who has worked with 100+ organizations. Favouring a data-supported approach, he also teaches and uses the ROI Methodology for various HR programs. He is also a dedicated mentor and takes humour seriously.

Matic Kadliček CEO Video Center Slovenia


Participants in this interactive session will receive a copy of the: